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Mila Agency © 2007-2018
Mila Agency © 2007-2018

After a few years we are back!

Mila Agency has a large network of professionals for:
Events, Private parties, Promotional work, Fairs, Congresses, Demonstrations, Stand crew, Stand catering, Catering industry, Marketing shows, Dealers shows, Reception services, Open days, Award ceremonies, Flower handovers, Company parties, Business openings, Customer support, Access control, Visitor registration, Welcome & Cloakroom, Wardrobe activities, Cash register sales and much more…

Depending on all requirements and wishes, various themes and outfits are possible.

Our agency has her main focus on exclusive Fashion Models in:
– Europe
– Dubai
– China

At the moment we mostly have commercial projects in Dubai & The Netherlands.

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” We look worldwide for the best models in the industrie and they are hiding everywhere. “
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The world is yours !

As a good and successful model it is very important to promote yourself, be proud of your work and always make sure you will be seen in the best positive way.

Use your portfolio as your business card and dare to introduce yourself.
Don’t be afraid or hesitate to apply for a new audition or project. Act wise and fast!

We also offer extra management services and guidance for start up.

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Getting ready for 2019

Because mostly all of the details and in our previous database where getting out of date and many of our models where not able to keep their portfolio, photos, measurements, sizes, experience(s) etc.. up-to-date, we have decided to completely reset our database and build a new website.

Do you (still) wanna join us ?


Only with appointment!

We have several casting days every year on different locations in The Netherlands.

Do you like to join one of our casting days ?
Send an e-mail to: casting@mila-agency.com


Over 11 Years

Let us take you back to 2007, when we started as a hobby with the name Pro Models.
Since then we are trying to make our clients more happy and confident !

Until somebody with a similar company name decided to claim that name also for his company. So in 2013 we decided to change our name to Modelgids and started officially as a company.

Now in 2018, we would like to operate more international. So on the first day of August 2018 we decided to choose for a complete new brandname and Mila Agency was officially established.


What Our Clients & Models say

The pre party and movie where cool.
Mila Agency © 2007-2018
Mysterious Events
Our videoclip was more than perfect...
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Ghetto Flow
Working for Mila is always fun !
Mila Agency © 2007-2018
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